CBC Minifest

Thanks to Corin for the writeup

CBC minifest:
Four days of underground frolics. 11, 12,13 and 14th September 2014.

The usual long drive from sunny Blaenau Ffestiniog, through the very scenic Mid Wales; I will not discuss the hours. But it was better than a Bank Holiday – thanks…

Thursday evening: Dan’s band was playing in Penzance – so us groupies tarted up and trotted into town. The band was great and the beer excellent.

Friday – cheery Claire, Mad Rab and I went off to Bottalack (please check spelling). An interesting mine, twisty and smallish with some pleasant traverses and then further on a rope and a tatty wire ladder. So up we went and it felt (to me) as if there was a through trip waiting – we couldn’t find it. Suspicion – it exits in a private garden????

Saturday – the gang arrived and Bellan was assaulted.

Kim, Mark, Steve, Chris, Rab, Justin, Claire and Corin – two pleasant drops and a good long explore of the bottom level. Kibbles and wagons and bizarre rock samples (I am told)…

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Sunday: The big drop: 280 ft down a very well painted shaft….


It is always fun to watch pro’s play with rigging – lovely J.


A few unprintable pictures of tongues and giggles – oh well…..

Then a lovely set of tunnels and ladders, lots of ladders – running up besides a beautiful double track.

And there was Grimmers smiling at us with only 2 sets of ladders to go. Very nice little mine with an excellent drop….Rails

Then ‘I’m bored why don’t we go U92 hunting’ so Rab and I sat getting our parts irradiated whilst Claire got more frustrated – picking up little bits of silent rock.

To cheer her up Rab and I started clicking our fingers, she smiled ….


Tallan, Pat, Claire and I off to an unfinished dig. Abseil then crawl and crawl some more. Put Claire and Tallan on the digging, Pat videoed the happy sludge as it squirted out the hole… He did not record the thunder of settling rock on the levels above us….. There was a moment of silence J.

Climbing out we passed an adder, slightly nervous. Not wishing to be unconscious on a rope …….

Scotty Johnson RIP


We all missed him and look forward to seeing this plaque in Rosevale.

Thank you Justin….