Happy New Year from The CBC

Welcome to 2015, may it bring you all the………..stuff……that you are looking for, blah blah blah anyway back to normal service, seems a few of the crew have been off camping underground and getting a bit dirty, cheers to Pat for the writeup!!


During our one of our current visits to Perran St George mine a plan was hatched; stay in the mine over night between the tides…

The plan would also involve following the adit to its conclusion and would give us time to cross a flooded winze off adit.

On a rather pleasant evening Chuckles the monkey and myself waited, impatiently, for the tide to give us enough beach to gain entry to the mine. Ok, we went in too early and ended up nostril deep in sea water, compounded by bags weighed with camping gear, but we made it…

First job was to establish a camp site, this wasn’t easy; room to stand, free from drips and puddles, good air? Well we found good air but not a lot else.

After setting up camp in some stoping, making the best of a bad job, we moved up the adit system against a draught .A shaft had to be crossed on a large ledge and the the going was good. This was to change a point where the adit passed through a large stope. The air flow stopped, the ceiling became low and the ochre/water came up to our necks in one place.As we pushed on the going again got easier but the air now felt still and toxic then without warning the end, a collapse came into view. We had travelled a fair old distance and must have been getting near the inland valley behind Perran Porth . The blockage was PC160070a rock fall holding back a huge quantity of orche sludge.

Tired and very very dirty we headed back to our grim campsite, stopping to check out the flooded winze , we cleaned off the best we could and got a brew on.PA130195

Hot drinks and food lifted the spirits and its wasn’t long before we retreated to our sleeping bags to endure a night of fitful rest. When the tide was at its highest point we could feel the stope reverberate as the waves drove into the sea cave 70m from our stoney camp site as to remind us that we weren’t getting out til low tide!

Finally morning came and we slipped out tired ,wet and elated…”never again”…. was muttered..PA130206

During our overnight we did notice another level in the roof of the adit, this was later pushed to yield another 50m or so of passage.

We plan to go back as a three man team , when time allows, I guess we have short memories !   PC160082