Our second assault team on the “land of whippets and flat caps” comprised of four of the most mentally disturbed Cornwall could offer .

Over four days in late October the CBC ate, infected and abseiled its way around the Ingleton area.

Bernies Cafe and Inglesports were visited ,bolts were purchased and hearts were broken.

The trips consisted of :

Jingling Pot, all routes..

Sell Gill, a little peach with a very nice waterfall.

Long Churn, Dolly tubs, Alum pot, through trip. Excellent!

Marilyn Pot, some snug pitches and some loose rocks..

This whole area of Yorkshire is so geared up for SRT trips it can’t be ignored and should be on every vertical caver’s hit list.



It will be another 10 days or so until Ebola breaks out in the Ingleton area so the cost of a fry up in the area should become more affordable… might be worth waiting 6 months.