About Us

Who are the CBC?

We are a group of Cavers, Mine Explorers, Divers and generally have an interesting in mining and industrial history in and around Cornwall and the rest of the UK.

We pride ourselves on being a happy and open group and promoting the interests of Cavers and Mine Explorers to ensure free and open access to underground sites in and around Cornwall

Why Carbis Bay Crew?

Our founding members Kim and Graham first met up and went for a walk and explore around the adits on the beach at Carbis Bay near St Ives in Cornwall, the name was spoken and it stuck

How can I join in with the fun?

Give us a shout as we do try and get out and about as much as possible and are more than happy for people to come along and join in

What do i need?

A lamp, a hard hat and a change of clothes or boiler suit are recommended to get you started on what will hopefully be a new hobby