Our Ethos

As a group we are unlike most of the other caving/mine exploring/activity clubs that exist in the country. We do not agree with the amount of red tape, bureaucracy and if someone doesn’t like you your not coming in my cave/mine/etc thinking that exists in them. We are a group of people with a get on and do it attitude, a good sense of humor and common hobbies that we do as individuals or a group.

We are not a BCA club, we believe that if you want a club to prosper and move forward in the modern world then having people able to come and go in a group as they please is a much better way forward but we do work with clubs that are and actively promote inter club trips and events

We oppose any system of access control that is not free and open, a lock and key that requires someone to “grant access” is not going to last, systems where keys are based on simple nuts and bolts ensure those that want to get in can do while accepting responsibility for their actions and preventing and accidental issues

There is no membership fee, no voting in by members, 6 month probationary period, if you want to come out with the group, please do, nobody is in charge, trips are not organized by any one person, we work as a group which means that there can be days when multiple trips are going on, lots of different people doing different things but all in the name of having fun and enjoying themselves within the CBC

We are more than happy when people get in touch as they are visiting the area and share our passion and enjoyment of caving or mine exploring, we have made friends and new members all across the UK who share in our views that this hobby should be for all and not the privileged few.