• The Meander Ivo Bag

    This rather dashing red bag comes packed with features for the discerning caver. Lush red PVC, brass rivets and a huge load capacity. So, if you want to stand out on at the next Uni caving club party you’ll be needing one of these……..


    Handy stainless ring gives a secure, easy to use attachment point.


    Drill and drums are literally swallowed up by this capacious sack…


    Treat yourself to a slightly reflective changing mat.


    Accessorise your Ivo sack with a Raumer cord clamp and pull every time, mmmm ladies!


    The bags large carrying capacity isn’t let down with awkward width issues and will easily pass through a standard bathroom window.


  • Tresavean Mine

    Hugo’s write up

    For Al & my self this was to be our first time in this section of the mine. Jay has been mine exploring since he was a young lad going below grass with his father. Although it has been many years since he went down this shaft so he was looking forward to seeing this place afresh the same as us.

    The shaft it self has a massive capping structure on it that includes a bat castle, shaft station & a grill. Lots to rig from but awkward to do without at least one rub point. With some edge protection in place Al was first down to what is a swing into a shaft station about 35 meter from surface.

    Being new to SRT this was to be my longest drop to date. With Alan to pull me in to the station it went smoothly even with my fear that I was about to fall over backwards on the rope. A tunnel headed off on the right side of the back of the station. A short way in it teed left and right. Left looked wet so we went right which came to a stope after 20 meters. Some of the ground had settled and we could see part of a launder now mostly berried by rock. Left in the stope through a pinch in it’s shape was more stope the looked like it went down further and might be climbable. In the stope against the wall was a neat shaft that went all the way to a cap. To our right was run in but onwards was more tunnel.

    A short way through we came to the second stope. This was wider. We followed it to our right up a scree slope to where some timbers spanned the stope. This was a saddle from which the floor dropped away from us further into more of the same stope. To our left was a mustard yellow flow nd to our right was a small shaft that looked like it had a tunnel coming off it higher up.

    Descending down the slope we ventured further into what was now clearly a large stope. An existing hand line from a previous expedition proved sound enough to aid climbing down a two meter step. Here we saw a hole going in behind us and down. Our light showed the stope was massive and that most of it was under us. I high chance that the dirt we stood on was held on a false floor.

    The next step was higher and warranted bolting so we could descend on rope. On from there a shaft in the stope floor looked to lead us to the lower and most likely larger section. Here the bolting was more challenging. With harder rock we called that one a day and began our way out for the night.

    Back at Man Engine shaft Alan bolted in a hand line so we could lower our selves out of the station into the shaft without having to swing. Leading the way up Jay followed with my self last in the cue. I am not used to such exertions and I had to rest several times on the 35 meter assent. Near the top of the shaft as I pushed down with my foot I felt something snap and I settled sharply on my ascenders. My foot loop had snapped. Conveniently the set I had came with two loops in case you wanted to use both feet for ascending. I switched to the remaining loop, informed the folks up top of my action and continued.

    In these last few meters the age of the rest of my equipment came to the forefront of my mind. Nothing I could change now. All I could do was go up. This I did spotting two small tunnels higher up in the shaft. A look see for another time. Once up I was pleased to be in the open air on solid ground but already thinking of all the parts we didn’t have time to see. Time to buy some new kit, get in shape and get back there.



  • Swiss in France

    Paul B and Debbie launched an assault on the caves of Font del Truffe and Marchpeid in the Lot region of France .The boys have returned safely bearing cheese and beer.

    Marchpeid was dived for a distance of 400m and Truffe was sump 2 was completed.

    The Marchpeid dive was made exciting by meeting another group of divers ,four Frenchies, who were conducting training and therefore lead to a very interesting moment in the tight entry passage.

    The Truffe offers some amazing diving, not deep, with good visibility AND an opportunity to do SRT beyond the first sump.

    The Ressel was also visited but found to be too gnarly for the feeble Paul and Debs, leave that to the Swiss…………

    Many thanks to the Lot Dive Centre for the hospitality and refills.

    Article and Pics from Debbie

  • Wheal Ocean

     On the north side of Trevelas Coombe the cliffs rise to 100m and in some places are shear. At nearly the highest point ,above a small bay ,Wheal Oceans shallow adit emerges high on the cliff face . On the 24th April Alan ,Debbie ,Roo and Mel carried the rigging spikes to point above the portal and Alan descended 20m to he entrance. Water was constantly flowing from the lofty portal mouth which combined with the up draught of he huge vertical cliff formed a fine spray . Once in side the audit tunnel it was found to have an untouched feel , white crystals had been cut though during the mining process which brought colour the he walls. The tunnel meandered past a run in shaft and ended in another run in from which the water peculated. The total distance traveled was about 150 m which on exit gave a spectacular view as you approached the portal mouth . We are tempted to revisit and have a little dig but would need someone to watch he ropes as they rigged right next to the coastal foot path .


    Text and Pics by Debbie

  • Disastrous cave diving

    Tuesday 29th April team CBC did a road trip to Pridhamsleigh cavern ,Dev*n. The mission was to dive to Prid 2 and raise the Cornish flag . The team was made up of the finest of Gods creatures ,four of em. Things started to go wrong as the diving equipment was assembled by the lake, firstly an O ring was missing from a regulator stage one.Then an O ring was damaged in another stage one . If that wast enough one of the surviving two regulators started to breath “wet” .The dive plan was aborted and needs were met by dropping down the shot line to ~9m and sobbing into the mask . The exit was swift and uneventful but we did burn Plymouth to the ground as we passed by .



    Text and Pics by Debbie